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With 11 faces in the ladies squad in line to make their debut, this is definitely a development squad that will take on South Africa and Germany over the coming weeks. However, with seven of the gold medal winning team that recently were shock winners at the Rio Olympics, there is still plenty of experience to draw from.

Danny Kerry, coach of the ladies side said, “I’m expecting that both Germany and South Africa will potentially have more settled squads than us but the prospect of pitting our talents against that excites us. At the same time as we build our teamwork we will seek to do the same as a staff, putting in place good foundations for growth as a staff team to best support our playing team.”

Full Ladies Squad Squad:

Giselle Ansley (Surbiton)
Emily Defroand (Surbiton)
Sarah Haycroft (Surbiton)
Sabbie Heesh (Surbiton)
Jo Hunter (Surbiton)
Hannah Martin (Surbiton)
Hollie Webb (Surbiton)
Grace Balsdon (Canterbury)
Susie Gilbert (Reading)
Kathryn Lane (Leicester)
Joie Leigh (Clifton Robinsons)
Shona McCallin (Holcombe)
Ellie Watton (Holcombe)
Lily Owsley (University of Birmingham)
Livy Paige (University of Birmingham)
Erica Sanders (University of Birmingham)
Anna Toman (University of Birmingham)
Suzy Petty (Wimbledon)
Ellie Rayer (Loughborough Students)
Zoe Shipperley (Buckingham)
Amy Tennant (Grossflottbeker)
Laura Unsworth (East Grinstead)

Coach: Danny Kerry

With four matches in just seven days, this England squad will be pushed to their limits. Facing off against both Germany & South Africa who have far more settled and experienced squads, the nine juniors in line to win their first caps will certainly be thrown in the deep end. With the Hockey World League Semi-Final set to take place in July in London, this England squad will want to get up to speed quickly, and with two tests each against the bronze medal winners from Rio, and the hosts who have already played six tests this year, this will be the perfect preparation.

Full Men’s Squad

James Albery (Beeston)
David Ames (Holcombe)
Liam Ansell (Surbiton)
Tom Carson (Reading)
Brendan Creed (Surbiton)
Harry Gibson (GK) (Surbiton)
David Goodfield (Surbiton)
Chris Griffiths (East Grinstead)
Jonty Griffiths (Loughborough)
Michael Hoare (Wimbledon)
Ed Horler (Loughborough Students)
George Pinner (GK) (Holcombe)
Phil Roper (Wimbledon)
Liam Sanford (Team Bath Buccaneers)
Peter Scott (Team Bath Buccaneers)
Ian Sloan (Wimbledon)
Luke Taylor (Loughborough Students)
Jack Turner (University of Durham)
Sam Ward (Holcombe)
Henry Weir (Wimbledon)
Ollie Willars (Beeston)

Coach: Bobby Crutchley

Men’s & Ladies Official Announcements. Bold indicates those in line to make their debuts.