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About Hockey Point

If you arrived on this page, you are wanting to know a little bit more about Hockey Point – what is it all about, what is the purpose, who started it, and how did it become the only place I look for hockey news?

Ok, so that last point might not be true, but that is what the site boils down to. My aim is to try and take one of the biggest sports in the world and turn the current mysterious nature surrounding it into a portal where anyone can stay up to date with hockey across the globe as well as in South Africa. Far too often have I heard people arguing about what they have heard about fixtures, squads, rules, sticks etc. simply because there isn’t a proper site that covers all of this information in a quick and easy format. Even if you watch South Africa on the TV, I guarantee that the majority of spectators can barely name three players. It is time for that to change.

When South Africa were recently denied the opportunity to attend the 2016 Rio Olympic games, I must have heard 20+ theories about why they weren’t allowed to go. While the reason that has been given by SASCOC might not be good enough, at the moment, there is only one reason why they won’t be participating in Rio – they did not meet the qualification criteria set out by SASCOC and agreed upon with SAHA.

The Aim

So in short, I want Hockey Point to become your favourite hockey site for not only worldwide hockey news about major tournaments, but also so that all hockey players in South Africa know what is happening with their national teams, provinces, and unions, so that the game of hockey can grow in this country, and we can start to realize the potential that is already there.

Aim: To be your favourite hockey website.


I have to give a shout out to Pablo from A Hockey World. His website was a massive source of inspiration to start this site and made me realize that passion alone is actually enough of a motivating factor to try and raise the profile of a lesser known sport in your country. Pablo Mendoza has done a fantastic job with A Hockey World and if I am anywhere nearly as successful as he is, then I will have deemed this a success.

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